About Us

We are the Pastors of Radiant Church Txk. Radiant Church is a multicultural and multigenerational church in Texarkana, Texas. Our vision at Radiant Church is to reach the lost and to release the found. 

Our hearts are to see racial unity around the world; that is how Radiant Church was born! We believe that the bloodline of Christ is more important than the color line of man! If you'd like to visit Radiant Church or know more about us, you can go to our site at Radiantchurchtxk.com.

How did Faith on Apparel come along? For years now, we have wanted to do something very creative with clothing while also making an impact! Most of our inspiration for our designs were from sermons series and prayer. 

Feel free to check out the sermons on our Apple and Spotify Podcasts.



We believe that putting faith on apparel will help start great conversations about your faith. We pray that the Lord will do amazing things through you and your family!